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Hey You! Drink too many Bud Light Limes and eat too much char-grilled crap while standing on a roof top watching the fireworks over the last few days? Well, have we got something to drag you out of that low rent hangover and indigestion you’d otherwise be using as an excuse to not go to the gym today. It’s San Francisco-based, po-mo, gender-interesting, multi-media artists Persia and DADDIE$ PLA$TIK performing what is destined to become their legendary, somewhat ominous, angry prophesy about the end of more or less everything (probably): “Google Google Apps Apps”.


See how it wakes you up and washes away the nausea faster than a punch in the face followed by a Percocet and a Bloody Mary? And what’s the bet some horrendously self-important cultural studies undergrad from NYU is pulling it apart and analyzing it right now? But wait, let’s ignore that inevitability. The video speaks for itself. I mean, how can anyone go past:


I want to be White, Daddy! Daddy, Please! Daddy, Please!


For Christmas, girl. For Christmas.


For Christmas, indeed.

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