Here’s Janelle Monae‘s new single “Dance Apocalyptic.”


As you can see, it’s more of her high concept campy pop weirdness and, yet again, it’s far more palatable than any of the other professionally weird pop divas making things at the moment.


The first time I heard of Janelle Monae was 2007 when a musician friend pointed her out to me via e-mail accompanied by the simple message “Miss Beyonce had better take note.” Now that we’re six years on, I think he was pretty spot on with that observation.


Because let’s face facts: Gaga is now and always has been so damned needy about how sincere her ideas really are, Nikki Minaj is more robot than woman at this point and Miss Beyonce is so drunk on her own importance that she’s lost creative control of her brain. Who do we have left that isn’t over 45?


The thing about Janelle Monae’s music is that when she writes her own stuff the bizarreness she puts out there is usually a mixture of technically proficient and frantic, genuinely random and interesting and I’m fine with
her. She’s not phoning it in is what I guess I’m saying and that’s good.


She’s not phoning it in is what I guess I’m saying and that’s good.

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