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Brooklyn-based Working Class is a quarterly zine, in print and on the web, put together by unpaid writers, designers, and photographers to showcase their work and others’. Click on (complete text) to see the feature as it was originally published.

R. Robot


Painter R. Nicholas Kuszyk is plagued by robots. Dancing cartoonish robots, robots that form their own subculture. Robots unable to make a sound. Robots that, he feels, resemble humans more than we may realize. After installing several murals around the US including one on Metropolitan Ave., in Brooklyn, completing a children’s book and now a huge rooftop painting – all featuring the same robots, Kuszyk’s 10-year fascination with robots has a very definite and developed artistic momentum and that’s great news. Except, he’s never been that interested in them. At least not in the way that you’d think.(complete text)

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